What we do

Wyse offers the following services:

  • Recruitment consulting projects on the organization side: structured methodology to analyze the organization and accurately identify internal needs for new hires (if, how, in which roles)
  • Recruitment consulting projects on the market side: market analysis and mapping geared to collecting information that may be useful for making recruitment decisions (if, which roles, who, where)
  • Search & Selection projects, tailor-made based on a thorough understanding of clients’ needs, geared to identifying the best candidates and supporting the client company in choosing the ideal person for its specific context.


Recruitment consulting projects on the organization side
Our organizational analysis methodology targeted at recruitment enables us to accurately pinpoint the internal needs for new hires (if, how, which roles) by studying and understanding the company’s organization and its market of reference.

Recruitment consulting projects on the market side: market mapping
The market mapping service provides the company with a useful set of data to make correct recruitment decisions. A benchmark analysis helps extract an overview of the client’s reference industry, then the company is supported in analyzing its positioning relative to its competitors and in view of its own key resources. The goal is to gain crucial information for organizational development, making the most of the market resources available (if, which roles, who, where).

Search & Selection projects
The Search & Selection service revolves around a methodology comprising several operational steps. In fact, every search project can be set up using a modular approach, selecting the single activities that fit with the client company’s project case.

  • Need Analysis
    – Understanding the company and its market of reference
    – Needs analysis and set up of the job description


  • Search (or sourcing)
    – Activation of the multiple sourcing channels available (press campaigns and web ads; LinkedIn; others)
    – Head hunting
    – Wyse DB
    – Networking


  • Selection
    – Video-interview (on demand) to make the screening process quicker and more efficient
    – In-depth, motivational selection interviews
    – Analysis of hard and soft skills
    – Tests /psychological and attitude assessment /evaluation with ad hoc methodologies
    – Presentation of a short-list
    – Management of the complete selection process
    – Support and consulting when negotiating compensation with the candidate
    – Follow-up after onboarding the candidate

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